Database resources
Databases developed by ZF-HEALTH partners

Several project partners are in the process of developing databases for release of high-throughput data from the ZF-HEALTH project:

  • The European Zebrafish Resource Center has established a public database of available mutant stocks (WP1) which can be immediately requested through a link through the model organism database, ZFIN.
  • All data from initial phenotyping and transcript counting of knock-out mutants (WP2) are made publicly available through the website of the Zebrafish Mutation Project.
  • Standardised protocols for all phenotyping assays (WP2) are being deposited in a format based on the EmPreSS database of mouse assays. This database is currently implemented as a collection of PDFs¬†on the project website.

  • The BioEmergences website provides 4D digital reconstructions of developing embryos (WP2).
  • Information on enhancer elements, synteny blocks, and epigenetic marks (WP3) can be obtained for any region of the human genome through a custom genome browser, Ancora.

  • All information from gene expression mapping of the brain (WP4) is released through our online neuroanatomy atlas, (begun in the ZF-MODELS project) and through other databases.


Data release through external databases

In order to avoid a duplication of programming effort, data is also released through existing external databases if suitable:

  • Mutant data (WP1) are being released as sequence annotation through a track in the Ensembl browser.
  • Addditionally, mutant data (WP1) are being submitted to ZFIN, the central model organism database for zebrafish. Phenotyping data (WP2) as well as images of expression patterns of enhancer elements of human disease genes (WP4) will likewise be submitted to ZFIN.